The true story of HockeyAssistant

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As any programmer I always wanted to write a lot of software but I had never time to do that. Except HockeyAssistant. When originally I wrote it the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual Basic 6.0 was the top technology for Windows platforms. HockeyAssistant was written for myself to help my work as the coach of the Hungarian National men team and my club team Építők Hockey Club. The software was originally a tool for the coaches to collect number of saves, shot at goals, ball possession, number of short corners for and against us.

A year later Hungary organized the Indoor Club Trophy for women at Budapest the and I was asked to extend the functionality of HockeyAssistant to a general purpose Hockey Tournament Manager software. The test went just great, everybody was impressed even I because the software was finished just 5 hours before the tournament… I run the software in the Visual Basic IDE (Integrated Development Environment) because if we could find any freeze I could have chance to save all the data.

The next big step happened at November 2008, or Federation organized the General Assembly of EHF. As a delegate and vice president of the Hungarian Federation I had a chance to keep a presentation of HockeyAssistant V1.6 for the other countries delegates and for the Competition Committee of EHF.

In the next year (2009) we had two test tournaments. The first one was the Indoor Junior Nations Trophy where I was the “back stage man” of the TOs, Judges. Mr. Steve Catton (Competition Manager of EHF) personally checked the software during the tournament in a “real situation”.

After the tournament I had 50+ change requests and based on these notices (Thanks for Steve and all of the management of the tournaments above) I could create the latest V1.7 version. Steve and the Scottish Federation tested this new version during the Celtic Cup Edinburgh, Scotland between June 26-28. Now what you can download and use for 30 days free is the latest and hopefully the most stable version of the software.

But the life did not stop. Unfortunately the V1.7 is not (or just very hardly) compatible with EuroHockey League. Almost a year ago I decided to stop developing the V1.x version of HockeyAssistant and move to the new .NET platform which made possible the same project file can be opened and used on your Windows based PC/Notebook but on the WEB as well.

Thanks for visiting this site and sharing your opinion with me.

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