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2017V3 – Championship page
In the current release of HockeyAssistant (3.17.11201.1800) the generated web site contains a new page, called Championship. Championship page contains information about Venue of the event, about the Organizers, the Officials, which team plays in which Pool and the setup of the teams. The update (full installer) can be downloaded from the Download page or if you already installed HockeyAssistant then please click on File > Check for Updates. Note: the installer does not modify content of your HockeyAssistant data folder but please make a backup copy before you would install the update.


December 1, 2017.

This version contains minor bug fixes only and some new features.

New features:

  • TFS120 A new Championship HTML page is available in the generated for websites. Championship website contains info about:                
    • Venue with post address, Google Maps Link and optional emergency phone number
    • Organizer(s) of the event with log, website, e-mail address of the organizers
    • Officials of the tournament, like TD, TO, umpires, judges
    • Pool(s) with team names. Clicking on team names shows the Team setup popup dialog with the team officials (Manages, coaches) and last but not at least the players.
  • TFS103 Makes possible to import age of players from entry forms (MS Word, Text based pdf).
  • TFS102 Simplifies registering HockeyAssistant.

Bug fixes:

  • TFS105 Resolves issues found during EuroHockey Indoor Club Challenge 2017, Men, Budapest
  • TFS104 Resolves syntax issues in the generated web site.
  • TFS101 Resolves an issue with registering software causes run-time error on some machines.

The new championship page (Venue and organizers)

Teams and pools:

When you cluck on any team name then the team setup appears:


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