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In the current release of HockeyAssistant (3.16.10223.1635) the generated web site contains a new page, called Live Match. This page is active only if you are “capturing” a match. The Live Match page mirrors the visible content of the timeline of the captured match (goals, cards, shot at goal, saves, ball possession percentage etc.) Just press the “Refresh Web” button in Match Editor dialog and HockeyAssistant will automatically refresh you web site. Your users need to open the Live Match of your website with a mobile phone, tablet and they will see the latest results, statistics only a couple of seconds later than you pressed the Refresh Web button. Note: To update Live Match page you need live Internet connection and you also need to set the FTP server access rights of your web site in website setup dialog of HockeyAssistant.
Hot newsSamples are available: See the mini websites of the EuroHockey Indoor Club Champions Men 2016 events in the article.

The Index.html file of the generated web site now contains a Download section from which you can download the Schedule of the tournament, and an overall report about the championship in PDF format. In addition, you can download the HockeyAssistant project file and you can open the whole project on your desktop/notebook/tablet PC.

Clicking on a team name in championship or pool ranking shows a popup dialog with the matches played by the team, the statistics of the team players during the played matches and the name and role of the team management.
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Today afternoon we released the 3.15.11221.1700 version of HockeyAssistant. In the application click on File menu and select Check for Updates or download it from the HockeyAssistant/Download page. In the current update we added a very unique method to import players with simply copy and paste player names, shirt number, birthday, everything you find in the EHF/FIH’s Team Entry List form from MS Word into HockeyAssistant. (See this article). The Create Web Site function was also updated: HockeyAssistant generates jQuery and Bootstrap based mobile first HTML5 web site which automatically resizes itself for mobile phones/tablets. (See this article) This update also contains several bug fixes.
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